Crisis Point


Published Oct 1, 2006 12:00 AM

Reach Out and Teach Someone

For more information on these efforts, log on to UCLA's Student Affairs Web site and at the UC's prep Web site.

Through more than two dozen programs, UCLA and its professional schools help prepare students to apply and be admitted to UCLA and to flourish after they arrive on campus. And UCLA Chancellor Norman Abrams and community leaders have formed the African American Enrollment Task Force to find and recommend solutions to the admissions crisis. The Academic Senate, which determines admissions policy, has launched a rigorous examination of the university's review procedure.

Addressing the Crisis

  • UCLA African American Enrollment Task Force
    Composed of student, community, faculty, administrative and alumni leaders, the Task Force counsels the chancellor, administration and Academic Senate on ideas to expand the pool of available students; improve the current UCLA admissions process; improve the percentage of admitted students who actually enroll; and review efforts to ensure that African-American students achieve academic success.
  • Academic Senate Committee on Undergraduate Admissions and Relations with Schools Subcommittee
    Members from the faculty committee on undergraduate admissions and the undergraduate admissions office are studying the admission-selection criteria used at UCLA and the impact of selection criteria on the composition of admitted freshmen. They have recommended that the university adopt a “holistic” review process, the preferred method of evaluation at Berkeley and the Ivy League universities. That recommendation is awaiting approval by the Academic Senate and could go into effect as early as next year.

Ongoing Academic Preparation Programs (partial list)

  • Early Academic Outreach Program (EAOP)
    EAOP operates in 92 schools in Los Angeles County to promote and cultivate a college-going culture.
  • Student Initiated Access Center (SIAC)
    UCLA students work weekly with students in grades K–12 in educationally disadvantaged areas, providing tutoring, skills-building and workshops.
  • The Vice Provost Initiative for Pre-College Scholars (VIPS)
    This partnership with the Los Angeles and Pasadena school districts helps prepare historically underrepresented students in grades 9–12 to become competitively eligible for admission to UCLA.
  • The UCLA Center for Community College Partnerships (CCCP)
    The center works with community colleges to improve students' academic competitiveness for admission to the university and to increase the diversity of UCLA's transfer-admit pool.
  • East Los Angeles College Summer Immersion Program
    A collaboration between the Youth Opportunity Movement, East Los Angeles College and UCLA, this 16-day program requires participants to complete a three-unit UC/CSU-transferable course in a two-week period.
  • Academic Advancement Program (AAP)
    The AAP Freshman Scholars and Transfer Scholars Days welcomes admitted students and their families to campus in an effort to increase enrollment at UCLA.
  • BruinCorps
    This Student Affairs program provides tutoring and mentoring to children and youth in grades pre-K–12 at schools and community organizations in East, South, West and downtown Los Angeles.



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