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TED Partnership to Advance Ideas


By Andriana Trang '12

Published Feb 16, 2012 1:20 PM


Anderson students enthusiastically greeted news of the 'TED Takeover' with signs. Photo courtesy of the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

On Monday, February 13, UCLA Anderson School of Management and TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) announced a new "Partnership to Advance Ideas" that brings the annual TED Conference to campus beginning February 27 in a weeklong series of events called "TED Takeover." Jim Stengel, UCLA Anderson adjunct professor of marketing and former global marketing officer at Procter & Gamble, spearheaded the efforts to connect the two programs.

"I was invited to speak at Long Beach [at this year’s TED main stage conference, titled TED2012: Full Spectrum] and it happens to be the term in which I'm teaching. I thought, 'What could we do in the classroom?' because that's part of what I bring in – I bring in clients and my own experiences," explains Stengel, who approached TED organizers to incorporate the nonprofit into his classroom's annual team branding projects.


Adjunct professor Jim Stengel announced the new partnership.

"So we had two class projects with two teams, figuring out what they would do with the TED brand, applying the framework we teach in class. Then I started talking to some of the people at Anderson and TED, asking, 'Could we make this even bigger, and maybe include all of Anderson?'"

After several rounds of ideation with Stengel, a few graduate students, and Anderson and TED leaders, the TED Takeover—TED's first partnership with a business school—was born. Throughout the week, monitors set up around campus will live-stream the exclusive content from TED in its entirety, and "an idea incubation lounge" within the Anderson complex will encourage students to contribute to the discussion via social media and other means. Curated panels sponsored by student clubs will engage Anderson faculty and students in the TED topics. Students will also have the unique opportunity to provide consultation to the TEDActive 2012 "projects," based on questions asked by international corporations such as Pfizer, American Express, Hewlett-Packard, TOMS and Shell on critical issues of social challenge.

Stengel hopes to see this partnership make a meaningful impact on both TED and Anderson programs, saying, “TED has been trying to work on having businesses see the TED content as more relevant, and I think if we can get businesses to really embrace what TED is about, we can see more positive change in business. Hopefully, Anderson can help TED take some of those ideas and spread them and do something with them and show TED how their ideas can be applied using a university setting."