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Blowing Hollywood a 'Razzberry'


By Norma Meyer

Published Mar 1, 2010 9:11 AM


Actress Halle Berry is one of few in Hollywood to accept a Razzie in person. Above, Berry accepts her Worst Actress award for Catwoman from UCLA alumnus John Wilson, while holding her Oscar from Monster's Ball as a security blanket.

Hollywood's glitterati don't gush "It's great just to be nominated" about every award. When it comes to the world-famous Razzies, in fact, they probably grumble something unprintable. And come Saturday, the night before the back-slapping Oscars telecast, "Head Razzberry" John Wilson '77 will again pop swollen egos by bestowing Tinseltown's tackiest trophy to the performers and pictures that sucked the hardest last year.


Razzie founder John Wilson '77.

Of course, most of the "dis-honored" will be MIA at the 30th annual Golden Raspberry Awards on March 6. Although Wilson is hopeful that if self-deprecator Sandra Bullock nabs Worst Actress for All About Steve, she'll be game to collect her $4.97 spray-painted gold fake-raspberries-Crazy-glued-to-a-film-reel statuette. (If Bullock bags both the Razzie and Best Actress Oscar for The Blind Side, it will be unprecedented!)

Wilson, a self-dubbed "cinemaniac and cynic," is a former Daily Bruin film critic who suffered through countless stinkers when he worked at Westwood's Village Theatre while attending UCLA. His take-no-prisoners Razzies is payback for every $11 he and everyone else wasted on a bomb.

"We're talking about people like Michael Bay who spent $170 million to make something that they ought to offer you a free hearing test for when you leave," gripes Wilson. He's referring to the Worst Director unhopeful for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Only a brave few have ever claimed showbiz's least-loved laurel. In accepting her 2004 Worst Actress for Catwoman, a tongue-in-cheek Halle Berry thanked Warner Bros. for "putting me in a god-awful piece of (bleep)" while hoisting the Oscar she earned for "Monster's Ball" three years before. Worst Director Paul Verhoeven sauntered onstage for his 1995 Razzie record-setter "Showgirls." And Tom Green, a multiple Razzie "winner" for the 2001 atrocity Freddy Got Fingered even rolled out his own red carpet.

Once the 670 Razzie voting members (industry types, journalists and anyone who pays $35), cast their secret ballots, Wilson calls A-list publicists to invite the "winners." Usually, he gets the same response: "I'm hung up on."

Funny thing, Wilson's real job is writing on-air movie promos. And the Head Razzberry insists his annual Anti-Oscars — which started with a cardboard podium in his apartment living room and this year takes over the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in Hollywood — "comes from a place of actually loving movies."

After all, "it does require me to see all this dreck."



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