Olympic Fever: Complete Coverage

Keep up with Bruins in Beijing as they blog about their Olympic experience, or read more of the UCLA Olympic coverage.


Published Aug 7, 2008 9:45 AM

Elimination rounds for women's soccer in the days before the Olympics began.

Olympic fever is here, and as always, UCLA is a part of it. Bruins have participated in every Olympics but one since the university was founded, and if UCLA were a country, the 19 medals won by current and former Bruins at the 2004 games would have placed it 14th in the per-country medal count. This year, 32 athletes and seven coaches hail from UCLA.

Diddy Riese goes to China

Keep up with the Bruins in Beijing as athletes, coaches, ticket-holders and other Bruins send back blog posts from the Olympics. In the blog, you'll read about athletes "shopping" for their Olympic gear, singing karaoke with the Italian men's soccer team, and even about getting every Bruin's favorite treat, Diddy Riese cookies, delivered by a friend all the from Westwood.

For more about UCLA's role in this Olympics, check out more UCLA coverage:

UCLA to Have Large Presence at 2008 Olympic Games
UCLA Athletics gives the breakdown of all 39 athletes and coaches going to Beijing, also with a complete list of mini-bios.

Bruins Bound for Beijing
The summer games bring out the best in Bruins, and Bruins always play a pivotal role in America's Olympic success.

Tairia Mims Flowers '05, now
a member of the U.S. Olympic
softball team.

US Olympic Softball Goes for the (Blue and) Gold
The 2008 U.S. Olympic softball team is more than a quarter Bruin. With Bruin help, the U.S. has won every Olympic gold for softball.

Bruin athletes vie for Olympic glory
UCLA Today introduces you to a few of the excited athletes.

UC Olympians
The UC system showcases the 96 Olympians linked to the University of California, and collects news about all the UC ties to the 2008 Olympics.

Tibet, Human Rights and the Beijing Olympics
The role of human rights in this Olympics.

China's hosting of the Olympics spurred controversial calls for an American boycott, which many people passionately oppose.

Even the broadcasters are Bruins
Adam Rose's Los Angeles Times' blog on all things UCLA finds that some of the Bruins getting the most camera time at the Olympics are the ones analyzing the games.



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