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How to Smash the Status Quo: Optimists 2.0


Published Apr 1, 2013 8:00 AM

Carol Burnett. Troy Aikman. Ann Meyers Drysdale. Tom Bradley. All barrier-breakers. All UCLA alumni. And all are among the new faces starring in the second phase of UCLA's Optimists national advertising campaign, which kicks off this week in print, broadcast and digital media.

The Optimists brand campaign launched in February 2012 and celebrates the unstoppable optimism that propels UCLA graduates to history-making achievements. Former Los Angeles Mayor Bradley, Super Bowl champion Aikman, legendary comedienne Burnett, pioneering women's basketball icon Meyers Drysdale, Nobel laureates Richard Heck and Elinor Ostrom, and NBA Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are among the Bruins who appear in the new campaign.

"It's not always easy being the exception, the square peg," a voiceover declares in a new TV ad featuring moving images of the alumni highlighted in the spot. "They'll tell you, you don't belong. That it's not your place. That it'll never fly. But here, you learn you have a choice. You can listen to those voices ... or you can leave them all speechless."

In addition to the TV spot, the campaign includes print and online ads, radio spots, bus shelter ads, billboards, social media and more than 10,000 thumb drives that will be distributed at Bruin Day and other events.   "UCLA competes for visibility, public support and the best students and faculty from California and the world," said Rhea Turteltaub, UCLA's vice chancellor for external affairs. "This campaign continues to be a critical tool for telling our story and is especially important if we are to remain a top-tier destination. This is just the latest chapter in our steadfast effort to rally support and lead the conversation."



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