From Boot Camp to Small Business

A specialized business program for vets addresses small-business skills and PTSD.


By Ajay Singh

Published Aug 13, 2008 4:33 PM

As a convoy commander in the California Army National Guard, UCLA alumnus and linguistics major Alex Galicia led high-speed trucks across Iraq’s treacherous deserts delivering food, supplies and weapons to U.S. troops.

UCLA alumnus Alex Galicia, who was injured in Iraq, is learning about entrepreneurship to grow his family business. (Photo by Reed Hutchinson)

"I would climb out and onto a moving vehicle to count the convoy," Galicia said, recalling the day in 2004 when he tore his shoulder while grabbing onto the bar of a truck to keep from falling off. The reservist faced other challenges. He has lost count of the times his convoy was shot at. And he developed asthma from breathing the dusty desert air.

After 15 grueling months in Iraq, Galicia is now trying to resume a normal civilian life — and he's getting vital help from the Anderson School of Management, part of a consortium of business schools nationwide that is providing specialized entrepreneurial training free to disabled vets injured in the line of duty.

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