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Beloved Alumni Cheerleader Hangs Up His Hat and Retires His Bell


Published Nov 19, 2013 8:00 AM

For 38 years, Geof Strand has rallied "every man, every woman and child" at UCLA football games.


After nearly four decades of bringing his own brand of Bruin cheerleading to the UCLA sideline, alumni cheerleader Geof Strand '71 is stepping aside.

Known for imploring the Rose Bowl crowd with his ‘Every Man, Woman and Child!’ and ‘Not Yet, Not Yet, But NOW!’ cheers, Strand has helped in build fan support through initiatives such as the formation of the Alumni Band and The Bruin Breakfast Club.

“I am truly honored and blessed to have been able to serve and expand the passion and comradeship of the Bruin family for the past 38 years,” says Strand.

A champion with UCLA rowing who was elected head student cheerleader in 1970, Strand began as alumni cheerleader in 1976 when then-new head football coach Terry Donahue asked him to put his cheerleading sweater back on and lead the alumni at the Los Angeles Coliseum. Strand also helped promote the move to the Rose Bowl in 1982. He and his crew served free beer to encourage fans to tailgate before the games and he has been a fixture outside the Pasadena landmark prior to games ever since.

After 38 years in his volunteer role, Strand’s sole motivation has remained constant: to build the Bruin family into a positive and enthusiastic force while making every single fan feel a valuable part of the team and pageantry of UCLA Athletics.

“We cannot thank Geof enough for his tireless dedication and passion for all things UCLA,” says UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero. “As anyone who has been to a game at the Rose Bowl can attest to, Geof has a tremendous ability to inspire the crowd and keep everyone involved. While he is retiring, this is certainly not goodbye, and we look forward to seeing him at UCLA games for years to come.”

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