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Moments of Impact


Published Jul 1, 2014 8:00 AM

  • UCLA Medical Center, the first “atomic age” hospital, opens.

  • IBM establishes the Western Data Processing Center at UCLA.

    More In ’56 >The first open-heart surgery in the western United States is performed at UCLA Medical Center.

    1956 Photo Credit:
  • UCLA wins the first of 10 NCAA men’s basketball championships under Coach John Wooden.

    More In ’64 >Faculty member Paul Terasaki ’50, M.A. ’52, Ph.D. ’56 develops the tissue-matching test that makes organ transplants possible.

  • Birth of the Internet: UCLA becomes the first node on the ARPANET and Professor Leonard Kleinrock sends the first message.

    More In ’69 >UCLA’s ethnic studies centers are established.

  • Chancellor Charles E. Young M.A. ’57, Ph.D. ’60 refuses to fire Acting Assistant Professor Angela Davis, then known as a radical feminist and activist, a member of the Communist Party USA and an associate of the Black Panther Party.

  • After earning his Ph.D. from UCLA, Vinton Cerf M.S. ’70, Ph.D. ’72 invents TCP/IP, the protocol that describes the fundamental architecture of the Internet.

    1973 Photo Credit:
    Joi Ito
  • Prior to Title IX — which would prohibit gender discrimination in university athletics — Chancellor Charles E. Young establishes the Department of Women’s Intercollegiate Sports. UCLA becomes one of a few universities to elevate women’s programs to full status.

    1974 Photo Credit:
    Jeffrey Brown
  • UCLA physicians report the world’s first AIDS cases.

  • UCLA hosts venues for the Olympics: gymnastics, tennis, athletes’ village and the Olympic Arts Festival.

    More In ’84 >UCLA team performs its first liver transplant.

  • UCLA physician Guido Guglielmi invents the Guglielmi Detachable Coil, revolutionizing the treatment of brain aneurysms.

    1990 Photo Credit:
    Lucien Monfils
  • The Fowler Museum opens on campus, providing a new home and exhibition space for UCLA’s collection of cultural and archaeological objects from around the world.

    More In ’92 >The FDA approves the prescription use of the nicotine patch, co-invented by UCLA pharmacologist Murray Jarvik M.A. ’45.

    1992 Photo Credit:
    Roger Lee
  • President Bill Clinton gives the keynote address at UCLA’s 75th anniversary celebration..

    More In ’94 >UCLA and the Hammer Museum join forces to expand the Hammer’s role as a renowned art and cultural center.

  • The FDA approves the first genetically targeted breast cancer treatment: Herceptin, developed by UCLA’s Dr. Dennis Slamon.

  • Groundbreaking begins for the California NanoSystems Institute.

  • La Kretz Hall opens, the first LEED-certified “green” building on the UCLA campus and the home of the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability.

    2005 Photo Credit:
    Reed Hutchinson
  • UCLA School of Dentistry researchers announce the first standardized saliva RNA test for oral cancer.

    2006 Photo Credit:
    Christelle Nahas
  • The Eli and Edythe Broad Center of Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at UCLA is established.

    More In ’07 >With a victory in women’s water polo, UCLA becomes the first to win 100 NCAA team championships.

  • Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center opens, the first major U.S. hospital of the 21st century.

    2008 Photo Credit:
    Elena Zhukova
  • The UCLA Community School — an educational research center focusing on child development — opens its doors as a public pilot school.

  • UCLA performs the first hand transplant in the western United States.

    More In ’11 >The cell-phone microscope is invented by Professor Aydogan Ozcan of UCLA Engineering.

  • UCLA Library’s collection reaches 10 million volumes.

  • UCLA launches the first of its Grand Challenges: “Thriving in a Hotter Los Angeles: Achieving 100% Sustainability in Energy, Water and Biodiversity by 2050.”

    2013 Photo Credit:
    Mark Holtzman
  • UCLA Dentistry Prof. Dean Ho ’01, M.S. ’03, Ph.D. ’05 develops a glaucoma drug-delivery system based on nanodiamond-embedded contact lenses.




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