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Letters to the Editor, April 2010


Published Apr 1, 2010 8:00 AM

I found your article in the January 2010 issue of UCLA Magazine on educating the children in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) ["Social Study," page 36] extremely interesting in spite of the fact that you may be far too late to save the dying LAUSD. This is my personal opinion, based on my experience as a student, teacher, bilingual school psychologist and 10 years as a retired volunteer bilingual school psychologist in an elementary school in East Los Angeles ... It is now accepted fact that if children are not held by a parent/caretaker and talked to (and read to) from the moment they are born, their brains and therefore their education will not develop as expected. Much of the current school population in the LAUSD is born to poor and uneducated mothers who have more children than they can appropriately care for, by more than one man ... These children were never attached to nor stimulated by their caretakers ... [They] must be attached and stimulated, and then assessed for their obvious emotional and learning disabilities.
Sylvia Simon Tansey ’48
Los Angeles, CA

A nice look at UCLA alumni on the LAPD ["Bruins in Blue," page 20]. But let's not forget the Bruins who protect and serve on other Southland law enforcement agencies, including Sgt. Matt Grimmett, Officer Mitch Johnson '90, and Reserve Officer Dave DeHuff '80 of the Costa Mesa PD.
Bob Heber '78
Reserve Police Officer, Retired
Costa Mesa Police Department
Fullerton, CA

It was very interesting to read the article "Bruins in Space" in the October 2009 issue of UCLA Magazine [page 20] and the reader comments in the January 2010 issue ["Reaction," page 6]. One would have to be excited for all the Bruins making significant contributions to U.S. space programs, particu-larly in NASA's manned and unmanned space as noted. However, I would hazard a guess that there are, at least, an equal number of Bruins working/retired from the commercial and military side of the space business that have also made significant contributions. These include civilian alums and graduates serving in the military. The importance of this part of the business, not even considering national security aspects, has been to provide space systems for navigation, communications, meteorology and other functions that we all use in our daily lives. (Full disclosure: In my prior career, I worked on NASA, commercial and military space programs.)
Don Brundige '63
San Pedro, CA

In the January 2010 issue ["Reaction," page 6], Bernard Bermack says he is 87 and was present at the 1939 USC-UCLA football game. I am 83 and was also among the 100,000 fans. He says that very close to the end, three UCLA players powered into the line two yards away but failed to score. He does not take up the controversial issue: Should UCLA not have tried a field goal? A 3-0 victory was just as good as 6 (or 7) to get us the championship. If ... if!
Bernard Sinsheimer '42, M.A. '43
Boulogne, France

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