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Letters to the Editor, July 2009

Reaction to stories in the April 2009 issue.


Published Jul 1, 2009 7:00 AM

THE "LAZY ENVIRONMENTALIST" COMMENT about eating less meat [page 62] is misleading. We have cows that are 14 years old that have never had a kernel of corn. We eat grass beef that was grown on what nature provided without any artificial irrigation, cultivation, fertilizer or chemicals. Steers that are fed attain 60 percent of their weight on pasture. In the feedlot, they are fed many by-products that are indigestible by humans. The amount of corn they consume is a small portion of their entire diet.
Steve and Helen Percy '66
Mountain Home, ID

JUST ONE COMMENT about the excellence, diversity and dimension of UCLA Magazine's April issue: WOW!
Harv Kauffman M.S. '59
La Costa, CA

IT TOOK SIX DECADES, but the UCLA Magazine April 2009 edition finally featured an international athletic sport that provides no scholarship or financial aid to players. Rugby [page 47] encourages students to play for the camaraderie and fellowship of humanity through competition. In the '40s and '50s, football players joined the rugby team knowing it was a relationship sport with other ruggers and that the sport experience would last a lifetime. The after-game feast and grog was part of the lore ...

I remember Simpson, Way, Weisstein, MacLaughlin, Thomas, Roesch and others that built the founding rugby team to be very competitive. Rugby was a club sport, but players earned a UCLA letter that was designated "minor." I congratulate Coach Scott Stewart in keeping the tradition of UCLA Rugby alive and beseech all alumni to help him in his cause.
Colonel Camillo Wilde (AUS/MI Ret.) '51
Lompoc, CA

JUST WANTED TO THANK YOU for your Spring 2009 article, "Money Down" [page 26]. It is a little late, but I really appreciated your comments on the current financial situation in America. Especially your simple suggestion, in the last paragraph, of revisiting Glass-Steagall.

I recall in my economics classes at UCLA in the early '60s [of] a professor there complaining that Glass-Steagall "handcuffed" real economic growth. When talking to my grandfather about this matter, he told me, and I recall his words very clearly, "Don't let the banks lose or they will bankrupt the country again." Well, sadly, the Financial Services Modernization Act in 1999 proved my grandfather correct. I am a little pessimistic that real reform will actually be passed short of another real depression, not the current real recession. Maybe this time I will be surprised. Let's hope.
Joe H. Hall '67
Santa Cruz, CA

THANK YOU FOR THE ARTICLE featuring Malcolm Kerr ["Malcolm Kerr's Middle East," page 9]. I took his upper-division course on Arab-Israeli relations in 1969. Professor Kerr brought many resource people into the class, of the caliber one does not have access to outside a department with an international reputation. In addition, he made his home, his library and, most importantly, himself available to students in the department. I was also fortunate that he was my departmental counselor. I was working in the IRS office in Hollywood when he was killed, or, rather, assassinated. I think the latter because the act was a political attack, and because I know that if he had lived, he would have had considerable influence in the halls of government.

I wept and people asked why, and it was then that I realized what a considerable influence he was in my college career, and what a fine example he was as a human being. Not a year goes by that I do not think of him. Eternal be his memory.
Dean H. Prodromos '70
Folsom, CA



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