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Winter 2018 Happenings


Published Jan 1, 2018 8:00 AM

Arts & Entertainment / Sports / ALUMNI EVENTS

Courtesy of UCLA Alumni Association.

Men's Basketball Pregame Parties

Celebrate with fellow alumni before the UCLA men’s basketball team takes on Colorado (Jan. 13, 5-7 p.m.), Stanford (Jan. 27, 5-7 p.m.), USC (Feb. 3, time TBA) and Oregon (Feb. 17, 4:45- 6:45 p.m.). Be sure to bring your Bruin pride and sport your BearWear. Enjoy food and drinks, then walk over to Pauley Pavilion together and cheer on the team. Go Bruins!

JANUARY - FEBRUARY. Location: James West Alumni Center, UCLA. For information:

Parent & Family Coffee Socials

Join us for a one-day-only, worldwide event as Bruin families gather to meet and mingle. Whether UCLA is across town or across the world, you can share your experiences and build your network with other people in your area who have students enrolled. Grab some coffee and chat about all things UCLA — or anything else.

FEB. 3 / SAT / 9:30 - 11:00 A.M. Location: Cities and towns across the world, including Atlanta, Kansas City and Abu Dhabi. For information or to register:

Dinners for 12 Strangers Turns 50

In 2018, Dinners for 12 Strangers will celebrate 50 laughter-filled years of food, conversation and fun. Last year, more than 3,700 students, faculty and alumni combined to attend more than 400 dinners in locations that spanned the globe. This proud university tradition — which falls under a suite of programs managed by UCLA’s Student Alumni Association — strives for even greater engagement and participation in this quinquagenary year.

Dinners for 12 Strangers came into being in 1968, during times of challenge and promise. Gasoline averaged 34 cents a gallon, and Apollo 8 carried the first astronauts into the moon’s orbit. Two American Olympic medalists protesting racial discrimination in the United States polarized the nation by raising a fist on the podium as the national anthem played. Today, gas prices are dollars per gallon, and SpaceX plans to send the first manned flight, after a 45-year hiatus, outside of Earth’s orbit to circumnavigate the moon. Athletes face censure for taking a knee during the national anthem for reasons that echo the past. The circular nature of time, challenge and promise only highlights the irrepressible spirit of Bruins willing to leave their comfort zones to come together in friendship.

Fifty years ago, Bruins did just that as UCLA’s Gold Shield Alumnae gave life to an idea that sought to diffuse the political acrimony on campus by bringing students, faculty and alumni together to share diverse viewpoints in a neutral and safe setting. Two dinners inspired a tradition of conviviality that has grown exponentially at UCLA and has been duplicated by universities across the nation. The golden anniversary of this program continues to celebrate the belief that a shared meal creates community.

The concept is simple. We eat to survive, but we eat together to connect and build camaraderie. Every Bruin is invited to participate as a host or guest. Students and faculty attend dinners in homes within 20 miles of campus. Dinners hosted by alumni for their peers have popped up in double digits in such international cities as Dublin, Mumbai and Nagasaki, while nationally there is representation in most states. Guests arrive with warm smiles and are greeted with open hearts. They begin the evening as strangers with different lives, majors and interests, but their shared common bond — UCLA — opens a door of trust that allows conversation to flow easily and enthusiastically. Long before they push back from the table, friendship and mutual respect have been easily given and accepted. By the end of the evening — amid the pleasant chaos of gathering purses and coats — an exchange of email addresses takes place as guests call out their final good-byes before getting into their cars, no longer strangers.

The dates for 2018 have been set — Feb. 24, Feb. 25 and March 3 — and spirited hosts are seeking Bruins like you to join them around the table. Your UCLA connection is lifelong. Discover the Bruin community that exists around you by allowing yourself to listen to other people’s stories and be willing to tell your own. Take a chance on this important UCLA tradition and reinforce your connection to the university you love.

For more information, visit www.alumni. or contact Alyson Beckman at

Courtesy of Christa Renee