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From Paper to Paws in UCLA's Archives


By Alison Hewitt

Published Oct 1, 2008 8:01 AM

Paper's not the only thing in the UCLA archives. How about a 25-year-old pair of paws from Joe Bruin?

Courtesy of UCLA Archives

"Or maybe these are Josephine's," muses University Archivist Charlotte Brown as she turns them over. Regardless, those big brown mitts from an old mascot uniform are just two of the fascinating things on display in an exhibit celebrating the 60th anniversary of UCLA's University Archives, at Powell Library now through December 5. Attendees also get a glimpse of mascots through the years, aerial photos as Westwood and the campus grew, and many relics of UCLA's past, such as a flier for an on-campus "Conference for American-Russian Cultural Exchange" at the beginning of the Cold War, and a Daily Bruin article from 1942 relating how "the civilian evacuation program was brought home to U.C.L.A." when an evacuation and relocation order was issued for Japanese residents in Westwood. Bruins rallied to raise money to help send the interned students to colleges outside of the West Coast and the exhibit features a tag that Brown believes may have been given to donors, although the effort faltered when the evacuees were not allowed to attend other colleges.

Inevitably, cars are one of the things the Archive uses to date many of the unidentified photos. "We have three tricks for dating old photos," Brown says. "The cars, the women's hairdos and the clothes."

"Wisely Selected ... Carefully Preserved" — 60th Anniversary of UCLA's University Archives. Through Dec. 5. Hours vary. Powell Library Rotunda. Free. For more information, call (310) 206-4608 or log on to