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Spring 2016 Happenings


Published Apr 1, 2016 8:00 AM

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT / Sports / Alumni Events

Made in L.A., photo by Shahryar Nashat.

Made in L.A. 2016: a, the, though, only

This biennial Hammer Museum series is back for its third run, featuring local artists from different disciplines, including dance, fashion, literature, music, film and performance. Made in L.A. 2016: a, the, though, only addresses Los Angeles as a center of activity inseparable from the global network of art production and reveals how artists move fluidly between contexts and respond to their local conditions.

JUNE 12 – AUG. 28. Location: Hammer Museum. Admission: Free. Phone: (310) 443-7000. Web:

Phantom Limb Company: Memory Rings

Memory Rings is a performance inspired by the “Methuselah Tree,” a California bristlecone pine estimated to be more than 4,800 years old; it is under this tree’s watchful gaze that the story of environmental change unfolds. The theatrical collage uses fairy tale, fable, puppetry, choreography, original music and striking visual design to present 5,000 years of human impact on nature.

APR. 8, APR. 9 / 8 P.M. Location: Freud Playhouse. Tickets: $29-$49. Phone: (310) 825-2101. Web:

José Montoya’s Abundant Harvest: Works on Paper/Works on Life

Highly regarded for his contributions as an artist, educator and activist, José Montoya (1932–2013) was a pivotal figure in the Chicano movement. José Montoya’s Abundant Harvest honors the artist’s life and work with a comprehensive survey that includes nearly 2,000 drawings, along with paintings, poems, sketchbooks, video footage, music and other ephemera. Montoya often found inspiration in the verdant fields of the San Joaquin Valley and in the farming towns and port cities of postwar California. Alive and pulsating with the bebop rhythms of pachucos and pachucas, the beatnik scene in the Bay Area, and sailors on leave, the drawings show how Montoya captured the spirit of the times and documented some of the most important civil rights and labor movements of the 20th century.

FEB. 21 – JULY 17. Location: Fowler Museum. Admission: Free. Phone: (310) 825-4361. Web:

Anoushka Shankar, photo by Jamie-James Medina.

Anoushka Shankar

Anoushka Shankar is one of the foremost sitarists in the world today. Throughout her youth, she studied classical Indian music under her father, Ravi Shankar, the legendary performer and composer. In her 20s, after establishing herself as a successful classical sitar player, she began to experiment in composition. Her work mixes Indian music with a variety of genres, including flamenco, jazz, electronic and Western classical. She will be joined in this performance by Manu Delago on the Hang drum, Tom Farmer on acoustic bass and keyboards/piano, and Sanjeev Shankar on the shehnai (double reed oboe) and live electronics.

APR. 13 / WED / 8 P.M. Location: Royce Hall. Tickets: $19-$69. Phone: (310) 825-2101. Web:

Untitled, Derek DelGaudio

Magician Derek DelGaudio returns to the Geffen in a world debut of his new magic show, Untitled. His practice took off after a joint show at the Magic Castle with Helder Guimarães, then continued in Nothing to Hide, which was directed by Neil Patrick Harris at the Geffen Playhouse.

MAY 3 – JUNE 12. Location: Geffen Playhouse. Tickets: $60-$82. Phone: (310) 208-5454. Web:

Rodgers & Hammerstein's Carousel

Carousel, a play featuring Broadway actress Linda Kerns and undergraduate acting students from the UCLA TFT Department of Theater, tells the story of the 19th century carnival barker Billy Bigelow and his attempts to right the wrongs he committed years earlier.

MAY 6 – 7, MAY 10 – 14 / 8 P.M. Location: Freud Playhouse. Tickets: $22. Phone: (310) 825–2101. Web:

Art of the Austronesians: The Legacy of Indo-Pacific Voyaging

Art of the Austronesians explores the arts and cultures of the Austronesian peoples — from their prehistoric origins in what is now Taiwan through their successive seafaring migrations into the Philippines, Indonesia, the Pacific and beyond. With approximately 200 works on view, the exhibition offers a rare glimpse into the cultures of the descendants of these voyaging peoples.

APR. 24 – AUG. 14. Location: Fowler Museum. Admission: Free. Phone: (310) 825-4361. Web:

Big Sky

Five-star amenities and family fallout are on the itinerary as Jack races to land a life-changing deal during an Aspen getaway. But wide-open spaces offer no place to hide as Jack’s family fails to keep the truth and elements at bay.

JUNE 7 – JULY 17. Location: Geffen Playhouse. Tickets: $32-$82. Phone: (310) 208-5454. Web:



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