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Get Ready: How to browse campus "Happenings"


Published Oct 1, 2007 8:00 AM

Looking to find an event on campus? All it takes is the click of a mouse. We’ve got your top picks for sports, arts and lectures on campus at the newly expanded Here’s a look at five features of the Web site to introduce you to Bruin browsing 2.0.

1. Spotlight

There's always something new to do at UCLA. Each section of Happenings has an upcoming rotating "spotlight" pick at the top left.

2. Today's Pick

For the last-minute pleasure seeker, here's where you'll find an event we think is today's best. If our pickers can't recommend an event for that day, we find the next in the queue and guide you to the daily Campus Calendar.

3. Hottest Upcoming

Find out what everyone else is clicking. If you've ever used a Web site's "most popular" or "most e-mailed" functions, you know how valuable this can be for event seekers.

4. 30 Days Out

Just searching month-to-month isn't good enough. Instead, we give Top Pick browsers a rolling conveyer belt of picks within the next 30 days. Plan ahead — but not too far ahead.

5. Fresh Picks

Want to check to see if anything has changed since your last visit? If we added a new pick five minutes ago, we tell you "freshened up five minutes ago."

For an even more extensive listing of UCLA events, see a href="">