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Get Ready: Night Flight

Squeeze in an evening work-out.


By Anne Burke

Published Apr 1, 2006 12:00 PM

Download the Map


The nighttime is the right time. For jogging, that is, at UCLA. And you can leave your headlamp at home.

UCLA has a 3.5-mile jogging route that is safe and fully lighted at night. It’s a fun way to get some evening exercise and eavesdrop on after-dark campus life. The route is not marked, but it’s easy to follow by downloading the map at the UCLA Recreation web site.

Heading east from Gayley and LeConte avenues, the route follows the campus perimeter up Hilgard Avenue to Melnitz Hall, then swings west and follows Charles E. Young Drive North to DeNeve Drive.

Continuing south along DeNeve, you’ll jog past Hedrick Hall, which is the optimal viewing point to observe the nocturnal habits of the UCLA dorm dweller. Many ground-floor residents leave their curtains open and lights on in the evening, making the rooms look like dioramas in a museum. After this brief anthropologic research, you’ll leave the road and swing east through DeNeve Plaza to meet Gayley and the home-stretch run to LeConte.

Here’s a UCLA fun fact that should be of some comfort to you before you set out: At 419 acres, UCLA is the smallest of the UC campuses. Say that 100 times and you’ll do fine.