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Get Ready: Chill Zones

Enjoy an out-of-the-way, quiet spot on campus.


By Mary Dang '06

Published Jul 1, 2006 12:00 AM

Finding inner peace doesn't have to mean yoga lessons. Sometimes all you need is some shade and a little solitude. And there are hidden spots on campus where you can relax and let the world roll by, if only for a little while.

Yes, you could just go to Royce Quad or to the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden. However, these special, out-of-the-way locations will have you appreciating UCLA from a different point of view.

Like Rolfe Courtyard (1). A mini-Murphy, the circular courtyard envelops a number of miniature nude sculptures. Northern Lights is surprisingly near for such a secluded place.

Another alternative is the Anderson Alumni Plaza (2). Just a bridge away from Rolfe Hall, the huge square of open space outlined with potted trees and benches is a prime spot for catching a real breeze and serious sun.

If shade is more to your liking, then a visit to Perloff Courtyard (3) is in order, a tropical calm under a massive palm tree with abstract sculptures nearby to keep your mind quizzically occupied.

Even if you're strapped for time, stray off the beaten path for a 10-minute sojourn among the grassy knolls right next to Janss Steps (4). Lush and green, the grass is the perfect organic blanket for a quick refresher.

For those who prefer more of a traveling hike to feel at peace, the Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden (5) has dirt avenues to stroll in, comfortable niches to sit by, and the cool, rushing sound of a river to still the nerves.

As home of the psychology department, Franz Hall (6) knows a thing or two about mental contemplation. With outer and inner courtyards right outside Franz's entrance, there are some nice, comfortable chairs and tables where you can kick up your feet and watch the overhanging branches sway in the warm summer breeze.