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Bruin Tracks: Working It


By Anthony Cube, Illustrations by Marc Rosenthal

Published Jul 1, 2011 8:00 AM

What if you could find almost any UCLA graduate with a few clicks of a mouse? What if that Bruin could help you advance your career? Facebook can't. LinkedIn can't. But BruinWorks can.

art is a website exclusively for UCLA alumni. Locate old friends, get career advice, join an alumni network or start a new one — BruinWorks makes it easier for Bruins to connect, no matter where they live.

Launched by the Alumni Association last spring, the site is growing rapidly, surpassing 1,000 users in the first month. Its design and functionality cater specifically to Bruins in a way that no other website can.

Imagine this scenario: Josie is five years out of UCLA and has worked in retail, nonprofit and entertainment. Unsure about which direction she should pursue, she logs on to BruinWorks to look up an old college friend who landed a job in entertainment. She finds him in the Alumni Directory and sends him a blind email.

Next, she searches the job board, posted by other alumni, seeing if there's anything that might interest her. She ventures over to Alumni Businesses to see what’s there. Josiefigures she’s already ahead of the competition if a Bruin is hiring.

Seeing nothing that interests her at the moment, she visits the Career Network and searches for alumni in her three fields of interest, limiting her criteria to experienced professionals and senior managers in Los Angeles. After perusing dozens of detailed alumni profiles, she selects three to contact.

Two have listed email as their only form of contact, so she sends them a blind email seeking career advice about their fields. One profile includes a phone number, so Josie reaches out and is able to schedule an informational interview.

BruinWorks is a practical tool for job seekers like Josie because it merges today's best practices in career networking with the way people communicate. Plus, it makes alumni accessible in a place where their information is authentic, verified and protected.

BruinWorks is backed by UCLA's primary database of alumni records. Once UCLA graduates sign up on, they set up a profile where they’ll see their preloaded information and decide which fields they would like visible to their BruinWorks contacts and non-contacts. They can also update their information, which feeds back to UCLA's official database.

BruinWorks is changing the way UCLA alumni communicate with each other about work, news, events, opportunities, resources and life. Imagine the potential of leveraging a network of nearly 400,000 UCLA alumni.

BruinWorks makes it reality.