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Get Ready: Blogging Bruins


By Jack Feuer

Published Oct 1, 2009 11:00 AM

Even though famed journalist Morley Safer once noted that "I would trust citizen journalism about as much as I would trust citizen surgery," more than 300 million people worldwide read blogs. In fact, 184 million people say they've started blogs of their very own. But there aren't just people in the blogosphere — there are bears, too. Bruins, to be exact.


Several UCLA faculty have launched blogs, and some of them have gained quite a following. Some are technical, some are political, and some are argumentative. All are informative and fun to read. Want to join the conversation? Check out these online voices emanating from Westwood: The brilliant young associate professor of Germanic languages and Jewish studies is the mind behind Hypercities, the online geodatabases that enable visitors to virtually explore cities like Berlin, Los Angeles and others, era by era. Presner's blog continues his inquiries into tomorrow's tech-enabled scholarship. Environmental economist and UCLA Institute of the Environment Professor Matt Kahn's blog was named one of the best economic blogs in the coun-try by The Wall Street Journal. And no wonder, with entries like "Sexy Sociology" and musings on urban phenomena like the late (and not necessarily lamented) tradition, the Undie Run.

Web extras

A couple of blogs we found post-publication:

Physics Professor David Saltzberg, who moonlights as the science consultant for the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory, reveals "the science behind the science" at his aptly named blog, The Big Blog Theory.

Legal Planet is a collaborative blog by professors at the law schools of both UCLA and UC Berkeley. Legal Planet draws on the faculty's expertise to debunk global-warming skeptics, analyze new climate policies developed by President Obama's administration, and add academic insight and advice to a range of environmental topics. The "Reality-Based Community" is the province of Mark Kleiman, public policy professor in the UCLA School of Public Affairs. His progressive blog's motto? "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts." Kleiman also blogs for "The Huffington Post." For the libertarian point of view, check out The Volokh Conspiracy, the wildly popular blog from the brilliant and increasingly famous UCLA Law School professor, Eugene Volokh '83, J.D. '92. He and other contributors regularly opine on the political, constitutional and societal issues of the day, often in provocative and always fascinating ways. OK, maybe you're not a fan of additive combinatorics or you're not interested in Moser's entropy compression argument. But while this blog from UCLA's young, much-awarded math professor genius is heavy — very heavy on high-end math — it also offers treats for lay read-ers such as links to "television tropes and idioms," "strange maps" and even The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.



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