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Being Bruin: By the Numbers


Published Jan 1, 2011 8:00 AM

How'd you fare on the quiz about UCLA student life through the decades? The answers to the latest quiz from the UCLA History Project are in bold:

1. UCLA student handbooks through the years have been dubbed all of the following except:

What's your score?

For you adventurous Bruins who prefer to be "graded" on your blue-and-gold IQ, take the quiz at the UCLA History Project's website. If you have a good trivia question of your own, please e-mail it to UCLAHistoryProject@

a. Frosh Bible

b. Campus Informer

c. Survival Guide

d. Finding Your Way at UCLA

2. In 1931, how did 300 loyal rooters travel to the UCLA-Stanford football game at Stanford?

a. Motorcycle caravan

b. The Midnight Express

c. The Pony Express

d. The H.F. Alexander steamship

3. The UCLA Bruin Marching Band went through which of the following changes in 1936?

a. It was created.

b. It marched in its first Rose Parade.

c. It began using "The Solid Gold Sound" in publicity materials.

d. It added a new fight song, "Mighty Bruins," to its repertoire.

4. The cap-wearing, wisecracking, male spirit organization Kelps had a female counterpart organization called:

a. Trolls

b. Frogs

c. Josies

d. Whelps

5. Students answering a 1961 Daily Bruin article announcing "Westwind" tryouts would have been interested in the campus':

a. Literary magazine

b. Orchestra

c. Hang-gliding team

d. Meteorology club

6. Planned as the Memorial Activities Center, this iconic campus landmark became:

a. Royce Hall

b. Pauley Pavilion

c. Drake Stadium

d. John Wooden Center

7. On Tuesday, Feb. 21, 1978, students gathered in the Court of Sciences for what event?

a. The 5th Annual UCLA Pac-Man Arcade Game Tournament

b. The 9th Annual UCLA Paper Airplane Flying Contest

c. The opening of the Bombshelter eatery

d. A celebration of the release of The Empire Strikes Back

8. Sitting in the Kerckhoff Coffeehouse, a student in 1979 might have enjoyed which of the following?

a. An ice cream fountain

b. A creperie

c. Live entertainment

d. All of the above

9. Each of the following has represented call letters for UCLA's campus radio station except:



c. KLA

d. KUL

10. In what year did campus enrollment break 20,000 and make it about halfway to where we are today?

a. 1949

b. 1956

c. 1962

d. 1980