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A Bruin Presidential Quiz


Published Jan 1, 2013 8:00 AM

1. Who was the first sitting president to speak at UCLA?

a. Harry Truman
b. Dwight Eisenhower
c. John F. Kennedy
d. Lyndon Johnson

2. What year did Pauley Pavilion host a presidential debate?


a. 1984
b. 1988
c. 1992
d. 1996

3. William French Smith ’39 served as attorney general under which president?

a. Richard Nixon
b. Gerald Ford
c. Jimmy Carter
d. Ronald Reagan

4. H.R. Haldeman ’48, Richard Nixon’s chief of staff and Watergate conspirator, was all of the following, except:

a. Edward A. Dickson Alumnus of the Year
b. President of the UCLA Alumni Association
c. UCLA student body president
d. Head of the fundraising campaign to build Pauley Pavilion

5. Which other Watergate figure was Haldeman’s classmate at UCLA?

a. John Dean
b. John Mitchell
c. John Ehrlichman
d. John Sirica

6. In 1994, President Bill Clinton addressed a packed Pauley Pavilion on what occasion?

a. UCLA’s 75th anniversary convocation
b. Anti-Proposition 209/pro-affirmative action rally
c. John Wooden’s Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony
d. Aftermath of Northridge earthquake


7. One-time Daily Bruin editor Frank Mankiewicz ’47 served as campaign director for which presidential nominee?

a. Hubert Humphrey
b. George McGovern
c. Walter Mondale
d. Michael Dukakis

8. Which alumnus/Los Angeles office holder worked for HUD during the Clinton administration?

a. Antonio Villaraigosa
b. Zev Yaroslavsky
c. Wendy Greuel
d. Laura Chick

9. In 2001, former Vice President Al Gore joined UCLA as a visiting professor in what area?

a. Family-centered community development
b. Political science
c. Global studies
d. Environmental science

10. Which of the following Bruin NCAA championship teams was invited to the White House?

a. 1995 men’s basketball
b. 2002 men’s soccer
c. 2010 women’s gymnastics
d. All of the above

ANSWERS: 1-d; 2-b; 3-d; 4-c; 5-c; 6-a; 7-b; 8-c; 9-a; 10-d.