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Wendy Melillo

The Future of Freedom

Statue of Libery in front of red, yellow backdropAll over the world, people are reexamining what the word 'freedom' means to them, and whether democracy is the best way to deliver it.
Oct 1, 2008

Flu Fighters

Suited man with a gas mask If — some say when — bird flu comes to the U.S., it will spread across the country in weeks. UCLA is among those helping to prepare for and protect us from a possible pandemic. Can the FLU FIGHTERS get the country and the campus ready in time?
Oct 1, 2006

The Download Dilemma

Green, blue bee illustrationUCLA is leading the search for solutions to the download dilemma: how to reconcile the student desire for downloads and the corporate (and artistic) desire for copyright protection.
Apr 1, 2006