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Stuart Wolpert

Jurassic Car Park

Jurassic Car ParkUCLA researchers look at car models through the lens of evolutionary biology.
Oct 1, 2016

What the World's Best Telescope Can Teach Us

What the World's Best Telescope Can Teach Us“We will be surprised by what we find,” says astronomer James Larkin.
Jan 1, 2014

Can Alcohol Make Us Live Longer?

AlcoholBiochemists were shocked to discover that tiny amounts of ethanol extended a worm's life.
Jun 14, 2012

A Shift Toward Self

Fame photo illustrationA UCLA study finds that adolescents view "fame" as a value. Unexpected nowadays? Not really.
Jul 25, 2011

Food as Brain Medicine

Food as Brain MedicineLike a "pharmaceutical compound that affects the brain," scientists believe the right diet can do everything from improve memory to ward off depression, schizophrenia and dementia.
Jul 9, 2008

Low Serotonin May Make Unfairness Seem Worse

Low Serotonin May Make Unfairness Seem WorseFair? No fair? Your answer may depend on your mood and serotonin levels, UCLA and Cambridge researchers found.
Jun 9, 2008

A Mind to Fairness

A Mind to FairnessThe human brain reacts to fairness as it does to money and chocolate, a UCLA study shows.
May 5, 2008

Virtual surgery

Virtual SurgeryMathematician Joseph Teran is exploring ways to create a "digital you" for surgeons to practice on.
Nov 29, 2007

Putting feelings into words produces therapeutic effects in the brain

Putting Feelings Into Words Produces Therapeutic Effects in the BrainUCLA neuroimaging study supports ancient Buddhist teachings
Jul 10, 2007

Dieting Doesn't Work

Dieting Doesn't WorkUCLA researchers find that people who lose weight usually gain it all back.
Apr 4, 2007

Helping Hands, Healing Minds

Helping Hands, Healing MindsUCLA Psychology Professor Vickie Mays leads a national effort to provide mental-health training to New Orleans' parents, families, clergy and mental-health providers.
Jul 31, 2006


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