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Sean Brenner

Your Brain is Wired to be Social

Your Brain is Wired to be SocialUCLA researchers reveal the human brainís innate need to be social.
Oct 1, 2013

Sourcing the Crowd

sourcing Now you too can be chased by a crush of paparazzi.
Jul 1, 2013

A Weapon to Fight Crime? Try Math

Crime FightingSoftware developed at UCLA predicts when and where crime may occur.
Apr 1, 2012

See Me, Heal Me

PlantDaltreyportraitTwo aging rock stars bring their Teenage Cancer Trust to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.
Jan 1, 2012

Campaign Tales

Political cartoon with red backdropThe 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign has the American electorate on the edge of its seat. We explore the process of politics and many of its issues from a uniquely Bruin perspective. Red, white and blue, meet blue and gold.
Oct 1, 2008

Campaign Tales: The Pen is Mightier Than Politics

Supreme Court Political CartoonPowerful pieces from one of the world's largest political cartoon collections.
Oct 1, 2008

Campaign Tales: UCLA Library Campaign Literature Archive

1924 political cartoon Mud-slinging has always been part of politics, as these old promotions show.
Oct 1, 2008

Campaign Tales: On an Angle

The way candidates have been covered in the Presidential campaign has become a campaign issue itself. We asked two Bruin experts to weigh in on how the media has shaped the 2008 presidential election.
Oct 1, 2008

Grade Expectations

Child raising handUCLA's School Management Program has helped hundreds of K-12 schools across the country improve their performance.
Apr 1, 2008


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