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Paul Sterman

Playing for Posterity

FootballIn '39, when few college football teams had even one black player, UCLA had four. And it was the team's first unbeaten season. It's a double legacy.
Oct 1, 2009

Mind Games Sidebar: The Digital Poet

Work of digital poet Brian Kim StefansEnglish Professor Brian Kim Stefans makes his mark in electronic writing, setting letters dancing on film and other innovations.
Jul 1, 2009

US Olympic Softball Goes for the (Blue and) Gold

US Olympic Softball Goes for the (Blue and) GoldThe 2008 U.S. Olympic softball team is more than a quarter Bruin. With Bruin help, the U.S. has won every Olympic gold for softball.
Jul 29, 2008

Child's Play

Child's PlayIn the wake of a gang shooting in Costa Mesa, Randy Barth '81 formed an after-school learning center in the troubled neighborhood, leading to significant local improvements. Soon, he was leading the charge to implement the program in crime-ridden neighborhoods all over Southern California.
Jul 1, 2008