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Norma Meyer

The Barrister and the Buddha

budda This celebrated litigator collects sculptures of the little robed sages wherever she goes.
Jul 1, 2013

Engineering Happiness

UCLA Professor Rakesh Sarin Mathematically speaking, it's not what we have that brings us joy.
Jul 1, 2012

Studying Sinatra: Ol' Blue Eyes 101

frank sinatraA UCLA Extension class explores why we're still intrigued by the Chairman of the Board.
Feb 13, 2012

Video Appeals

Foot on banana peelStuck in a bind and no time to wait for a lawyer's advice? A. Mina Tran J.D. '96 created a digital solution - online video tutorials.
Aug 17, 2011

Blowing Hollywood a 'Razzberry'

Blowing Hollywood a RazzberryThe night before the Oscars, Razzie founder John Wilson '77 will pop swollen egos by bestowing Tinseltown's tackiest trophy to the performers and pictures that sucked the hardest last year.
Mar 1, 2010

On Exhibit: Steeped In Tea

steepedintea Tea time may be the epitome of polite society, but there's a roiling history intertwined with the opium and slave trades, morning drunkenness and the American Revolution.
Jul 1, 2009