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Meg Sullivan

Do Facial Features Reveal Political Party?

palinwaving When it comes to female politicians, apparently you can judge a book by its cover.
Sep 28, 2012

Mind Openers: New Novel Debunks Old Myth

Memoirs of a Porcupine Professorís latest book was inspired by a scary childrenís story.
Apr 1, 2012

Mind Openers: Black Talk, Blue Thoughts

Erin AubryErin Aubry Kaplan has delighted readers with intensely personal takes on post-civil rights America; her new book offers more highlights from her reporting career.
Oct 1, 2011

Natural Habitat: Prickly Passion

naturalhab Behold the backyard of UCLA's "Cactus Man."
Jul 1, 2011

Natural Habitat: Inside Job

Architectural Historian Thomas HinesAn authority on modern-design master Richard Neutra, UCLA architectural historian Thomas Hines literally can't leave his work at the office.
Jan 1, 2011

Hoarding Huck

Bookshelf with Huckleberry Finn memorabiliaMore than 1,000 tchotchkes in Prof Thomas Wortham's Huck Finn collection shows how pop culture sanitized Mark Twain's slavery message.
Apr 1, 2010

Faculty Honors

Faculty HonorsUCLA professors have been elected to National Academy of Sciences, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
May 2, 2008

Love is blind

Love is BlindResearchers have found that love or sexual desire for a boyfriend or girlfriend blunts interest in others.
Feb 13, 2008

Tecate Rx

Tecate RxFor eight years, UCLA group Chicanos/Latinos for Community Medicine (CCM) travels four times a year to the outskirts of Tecate to provide free medical services for the poor.
Jan 1, 2008

What's for dinner?

What's for dinner?In Los Angeles, it's more likely to be a Hamburger Helper concoction and salad from a ready-to-eat bag of greens rather than takeout from a fast-food restaurant.
Aug 8, 2007

Lift more weights, find more mates

Lift More Weights, Find More Mates"The stereotype is that men work out to compete with each other, but our research suggests that pumping iron is a way for men to enhance their attractiveness to women."
Jul 9, 2007