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Maya Parmer

Family Values: Big With Little Ones

bigwithlittleones This popular rock band has crossed over to family rock — and they're loving it.
Oct 1, 2009

Sidelining Sidewalks in Car-Crazy LA

Sidewalks by UCLA Urban Planning Professor Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris and her former Ph.D. student, University of New Orleans Assistant Professor Renia EhrenfeuchtThe car culture widened streets and shrank sidewalks in So Cal, but legally, pavement is for pedestrians. Socially, do pedestrians still have the right of way? UCLA urban planning Professor Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris's new book explores democracy on the walkway.
Jun 23, 2009

Dispatches From Dating Hell

Dispatches from Dating HellUCLA alumna Victoria Namkung turned dates from hell into a popular blog when she became co-creator of
Apr 7, 2009

Cinematic: Cells of Terror

cellsofterror Errol Morris' documentary examines the impact a photograph can have on the world, when that photo is of torture at Abu Ghraib prison.
Apr 1, 2009

Curtain Up: Two Days of the Duke

dukeellington Celebrate the lengendary music of Duke Ellington with performances by UCLA's Jazz Orchestra and Latin Jazz Ensemble.
Apr 1, 2009

Word-of-Mouth Wizard

Word-of-Mouth WizardUCLA alumnus David Reis is a guerrilla marketing pro, from sidewalk stenciling to graffiti art.
Mar 9, 2009


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