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Gregg Segal

From Garvey to Obama

UCLA Professor Robert Hill Historian Robert Hill says the activistís impact still echoes through the decades.
Apr 1, 2012

Outlaw Biology

Cowboy doing biologyA couple of guys in a garage changed computer technology. Will someone in a basement one day transform biology just as radically? We explore the tantalizing — and maybe terrifying — frontier of synthetic biology and do-it-yourself life science.
Jul 1, 2010

Leader of the Brands

Jim StengelThe former global marketer for Procter & Gamble put products into virtually every home on the planet. Get Jim Stengel's priceless advice.
Jan 1, 2010

The Wizard &
The Miracle Worker

Coach Wooden sitting down and smilingUCLA's legendary basketball coach John Wooden and gymnastics genius Valorie Kondos Field share the love and trade coaching tips.
Apr 1, 2006