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David Landau

The High-Voltage Superhighway

TeslaThe new car for the new age has a Bruin behind it.
Jan 1, 2009

Proof of Life

Harry Connick, Jr.'s and Dr. Dennis Slamon's lives intertwine this month in the movie Living Proof on Lifetime.
Oct 1, 2008

On Exhibit: Sea Celebration

seacelebration The April 19 Splash! Festival is one of the highlights of the Mami Wata exhibit at the Fowler Museum
Apr 1, 2008

Curtain Up: Sounds of the City

Curtain Up: Sounds of the CityLos Lobos gear up to play in Royce hall in another performance in this year's ambitious UCLA Live season.
Jan 1, 2008

Curtain Up: Beware the Puppets

Curtain Up: Beware the PuppetsNightmarish marionettes get what's coming to them in Erik Sanko's deliciously twisted morality play.
Oct 1, 2007

Lonely? It's in your genes

Lonely? It's in Your GenesA first-of-its-kind UCLA study concludes that loneliness isn't just a feeling; it's wired into some of us right down to our molecular makeup.
Sep 27, 2007

Fireproofing can reduce the spread of forest fires

Fireproofing can reduce the spread of forest firesAre you a Bruin living in or near the woods? It's definitely time for you to fireproof your home if you haven't already, say UCLA researchers
Aug 30, 2007

Don't call it 'Bollywood'

Don't Call it 'Bollywood'As the world gets smaller, expect to see some changes in film-industry hierarchy. Indian cinema is growing in popularity and influence as its mother country's presence in the global economy is becoming more noticeable, and Hollywood is taking note.
Aug 16, 2007

Simpsons director Silverman speaks with UCLA

Simpsons Director Silverman Speaks with UCLAWith "The Simpsons Movie" topping the box office, director David Silverman, '79, MFA '83, takes time out to talk with UCLA Magazine writer David Landau about being picked to direct the movie, the nuts-and-bolts of animation, and under-appreciation.
Aug 3, 2007

Moving people

Moving PeopleJaynie Ali Aydin, M.A. '04 Ph.D. '07 is offering four free hour-long belly dance workshops throughout July on the terrace of Fowler Museum.
Jul 3, 2007

Best, brightest college students beaten by UCLA's

Best, Brightest College Students Beaten by UCLA'sIn USC's brand-new, self-proclaimed sports Mecca, amid thousands of screaming Trojan fans, one Bruin carried the day for UCLA.
Jun 18, 2007


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