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Bethania Palma Markus

Imam on a Mission

Imam on a MissionAway from the center of media frenzy, former Cordoba Initiative chair and "Ground Zero mosque" leader Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf says his messages now are about moderation.
Apr 26, 2011

On Exhibit: Iranian L.A.

iranianla A UCLA grad student knew only stereotypes for L.A.'s Iranians: glitzy, insular. Her photos explore the real lives of the world's largest expat Iranian community.
Apr 1, 2010

On Exhibit: Soundsuits

soundsuit What do you get in an exhibit mixing art, fashion, and sound? Nick Cave's soundsuits obscure the person inside the suit to make all the wearers equal – and equally noisy.
Jan 1, 2010

On the Iranian Streets: Tomorrow Begins Today

Director of Iranian Studies Hossein ZiaiUCLA's Iranian American faculty members see current events as a possible transition period. No one knows exactly what will happen. But two things are now clear: the reform movement is far from exhausted and, for perhaps the first time, women in Iran finally have a voice. A big voice.
Jul 1, 2009

Get Ready: Tai High

taihai Most people recognize the slow, flowing motions of tai chi, but instructor Peter Asco says the centuries-old martial art is much more than a graceful routine.
Jul 1, 2009

Mind Openers: It's Personal

itspersonal Anderson Cooper's memorial lecture at UCLA honors slain journalist Daniel Pearl. Cooper hopes to inspire other journalists, just like Pearl inspired him.
Apr 1, 2009