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Andriana Trang '12

Get Ready: Graduation Primer for Parents

Graduation Primer Dos and don'ts for surviving commencement weekend.
Apr 1, 2012

Women's Volleyball Makes Its Own History

Women's Volleyball These champions have won seven national titles.
Apr 1, 2012

TED Partnership to Advance Ideas

I love TEDUCLA Anderson School of Management and the nonprofit TED partner to launch a week-long pilot program on campus.
Feb 16, 2012

Wooden Legacy Goes Around the World

Immaculate Chocho Nalwadda and Caroline NyafwonoFour Ugandan coaches traveled to UCLA to learn more about the legendary coach.
Feb 7, 2012

On Exhibit: Map the World

MapofWorldThe Fowler Museum brings Alighiero e Boetti's famed wall-sized maps to Westwood.
Jan 1, 2012

Much More Than a Day

Volunteer Day student paintingLess than three years after opening, the UCLA Volunteer Center is behind more than just Volunteer Day. Its projects start at the UCLA doorstep all the way through Los Angeles.
Oct 1, 2011

Family Values: Babies in Common

Working out in the Junior Bruins Martial Arts classWith baby Bruin karate classes, yoga for moms and tots, and innovative "family coaching," the UCLA Family Commons offers a new take on wellness.
Oct 1, 2011

Get Ready: The Great Outdoors

Woman in kayakUCLA Recreation's Outdoor Adventures program offers Angelenos a way to escape the city with pre-planned trips.
Oct 1, 2011

Synth and the City

The band members of Roosevelt's Radio Take a look at Roosevelt Radio, a new indie band compared to Arcade Fire and the Decemberists.
Aug 25, 2011

Family Values: Dead Men Do Tell Tales

deadmentales Wit' just a wee bit o' imagination, Story Pirates and the Geffen help kids turn tall tales into plays.
Jul 1, 2011

The Truth About Nurses

Old patient on hospital bed being rushedFrom Dr. Kildare to House, how true-to-life are the RNs on TV? UCLA nurses examine 50 years of media stereotypes.
May 24, 2011

UCLA's 2010 Fab Five

UCLA Fab FiveMeet the 5 brilliant alumni selected as 2010's UCLA Award recipients.
May 10, 2011

Rocking the Organ

Organist Christoph BullIs "rock-star classical organist" an oxymoron? Not when it comes to UCLA resident musician and professor Christoph Bull.
Apr 18, 2011

A Foot in the Door

An ambitious student curator brings art, culture and socially responsible shoes to Kerckhoff.
Apr 1, 2011

Poet in a Little Black Dress

Poet Rhoda JanzenBest-selling Bruin author Rhoda Janzen returns to Westwood to share her first love, poetry, as part of the Hammer Museum Reading Series.
Feb 8, 2011

Get Ready: Vending Virtues

vendingvirtues Hungry for a tasty treat on campus? Here's where to find UCLA's best vending machines.
Jan 1, 2011

Family Values: Something for the Baby Bruins

babybruins Now when parents go to a game, their little Bruins have something to look forward to in the kids-only Bruin Kids Club.
Oct 1, 2010