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  • Actually, the traditional idiom is "hotter than a boiled owl." And whatever admirable qualities Waxman may possess, hotness is not among them....
    — Chazz
    Posted: Tue Nov 9, 2010 06:35:54 PM
  • According to the US Treasury: "a cap and trade program could generate federal receipts on the order of $100 to $200 billion annually." According to Waxman: "The cost of the bill that Mr. Markey and I proposed, this analysis says, will cost the average American family less than 40 cents per day" So who will pay the difference?
    — Kathy
    Posted: Tue Nov 9, 2010 01:05:21 PM
  • I take exception to the premise of this article...Waxman is a complete left-wing idealogue, and an obstructionist
    — Muriel Arnold
    Posted: Mon Nov 8, 2010 09:38:56 AM


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