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  • As Tom says, 40 years isn't that long. The tech magazines are always running articles like this but most of the ideas are much further away than we think. Some things however, such as the decreasing distinction between online and offline life are happening already. You can be interacting online anywhere, anytime and some people now spend more time online than they do off.
    — James
    Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2010 03:58:59 PM
  • Vague, and in my opinion improbable. 40 years isnīt that long, really. Direct brain to machine interfaces in that timeframe seem highly unlikely to me; we canīt even get nerves to regrow, how are we going to attatch at such a nano-scale and then interface computers.
    — Tom McClemore
    Posted: Wed Dec 30, 2009 07:38:41 AM


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