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July 2014 Issue


Splendor in the Trash

Splendor in the Trash

UCLA Professor Maite Zubiaurre's unique course helps Bruin students see beauty in the things we throw away.



Sizzle Reel

Bruin Kevin Longa's documentaries tell the stories behind great chefs, good food and innovative kitchens.


The Dancing Scientist

Jeffrey Vinokur M.S. ’13 found a way to combine his two loves: chemistry and hip-hop.


A Checklist for Your Checkup

A visit to your doctor will be more effective if you prepare before you go.


Punk Professor

Trap Girl guitarist and UCLA Assistant Professor Jessica Schwartz teaches the multi-faceted history of punk music.


Fall 2015 Happenings

A Bruin guide to the season’s best in UCLA arts and culture, entertainment and sports.


UCLA Goes to War

When the U.S. entered World War II in December 1941, so did UCLA.


A Culture of Respect

We must continually advance the quest for equal justice and a multiethnic democracy on our campus.


Truly Amazing

The National Miss Amazing Pageant celebrates the abilities of girls and women with disabilities.


Bruins Give Back

Bruins Give Back

UCLA's Annual Volunteer Day draws thousands of students, alumni and others to serve at sites across Los Angeles. more »

Another Champion Made Here

Another Champion Made Here

The general manager of the winning Golden State Warriors is a Bruin. more »

Today's Bruin Forecast

UCLA’s staff meteorologist has predicted campus weather for 33 years.

UCLA and Special Olympics: A Long History

Since the start, Bruins have been key to the games.

Not Only on Campus

UCLA’s physical presence extends far beyond Westwood.

Always a Bridesmaid

Kelsey Doorey vowed to make weddings less expensive for bridal attendants.

Pauley Turns 50

The storied venue has hosted everything from championship basketball to presidential debates.

Inspired by Bruin Style

UCLA Clothing wants to bring Westwood college lifestyle to the rest of the world.

Science and Storytelling

The Exchange, based at UCLA, helps movie makers get science right.

What if The Simpsons Met Family Guy?

Bruin Patrick Meighan wrote the episode where they did.

LA2050: Transforming Los Angeles for the Future

UCLA submitted a grand vision for how to make the city the nation's most livable —and won $100,000 to make it real.

UCLA Community School: Making a Big Difference

Since 2009, the percentage of students going to college has almost tripled.