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April 2017 Issue


A Question of Identity

A Question of Identity

Can we choose our gender, or is it innate? The answer may lie somewhere in between.



Dentistry by Degrees

Ruth Alvarez’ passion for dentistry has led her to earn four UCLA degrees.


Always Game

Pokémon on your shoulder? This game designer turns heads with his work on augmented reality games.


Germ Warfare

There is no fail-safe way to avoid catching the illnesses around us, but we can reduce the odds.


Religious by Nature

UCLA Center for the Study of Religion Director Carol Bakhos does not see people losing their faith.


Spring 2017 Happenings

A Bruin guide to the season’s best in UCLA arts and culture, entertainment and sports.


History Onboard

The Freedom Train sparked a rededication to American values at UCLA.


A Commitment to Discourse

By sharing ideas and learning from those different from us, we can find answers to society’s difficult questions.


Culture for a Cause

The UCLA United Afghan Club showcases Afghan culture in their annual event.


Empower the Future

Empower the Future

Consider the interactions between privacy, people and technology at the upcoming FuturizeX forum.
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Go Blue (And Gold)

Go Blue (And Gold)

Dave Roberts ‘95 sees parallels between Bruin Athletics and the L.A. Dodgers: both have brands that are recognized worldwide.
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Advising the Court

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the work of UCLA law students in Nelson v. Colorado.

Getting in the Way

Congressman John Lewis recently received the UCLA Medal for his social justice work.

A Harmonious Future

Bruin Margaret Martin uses music to boost the confidence and competence of disadvantaged youth.

Continuing Community

Sarah Bang is the creator of UCLA Squared, a group for UCLA community school alumni.

Digging into Culture

UCLA archaeologists enlist the local community to help preserve Ethiopia's cultural heritage.

For His Big Brother

Arthur Ashe's brother returned to war to keep the tennis legend out of harm's way.

A Cuban Take

The Black with a Drop of Red exhibition showcases Cuban interpretation through poster designs.

A New Wave of Art

The Luskin Conference Center includes nearly 60 pieces of art created by UCLA alumni and faculty members.

Presidential Honor

UCLA alumnus Kareem Abdul-Jabbar received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in November.

A Winter Wonderland

A rare snowfall occurred at UCLA in 1932.

Not Your Average Cooking Course

Evan Kleiman's students explored much more than recipes in her food studies class.