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July 2014 Issue


Heads Up

Heads Up

Sports concussions have finally been brought to the forefront of our nation’s consciousness.



Toys on a Mission

Two Bruins created a stuffed animal line on behalf of endangered species.


Of Moods and Madness

Kay Redfield Jamison knows depressive illnesses as both a patient and a doctor.


Honoring Adolescence

Between ages 12 and 24, the brain undergoes tremendous change and is primed for innovative thinking.


The Modern Mismatch

Peter Whybrow says our culture is fundamentally at odds with the way our brains work.


Winter 2016 Happenings

A Bruin guide to the season’s best in UCLA arts and culture, entertainment and sports.


Ahead of Its Time

The UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute pioneered the idea of interdisciplinary research.


On the Frontiers of Science

For more than 50 years UCLA has been advancing the extraordinary field of neuroscience.


Small Fish, Big Science

Jeff Bronstein works with tiny zebrafish in studying movement disorders.


House for All Voices

House for All Voices

U.S. Poet Laureate, a Bruin, invites the nation to come together to create an “epic poem.” more »

Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love

When a young patient at Mattel Children’s Hospital posted a sign in her window, the fraternity across the street took note.
more »

'Big Bang' Scholars Meet Their Benefactors

Twenty students are attending UCLA on scholarships funded by the show's co-creator, cast and crew.

Young Workers in L.A. Are Underpaid

Those aged 18 to 29 drive the service economy, yet are the largest share of low-wage earners.

Toni Morrison Awarded UCLA Medal

The acclaimed author and Nobel prize winner recently received UCLA's highest honor.

Bruins Give Back

UCLA's Annual Volunteer Day draws thousands of students, alumni and others to serve at sites across Los Angeles.  

Another Champion Made Here

The general manager of the winning Golden State Warriors is a Bruin.

Today's Bruin Forecast

UCLA’s staff meteorologist has predicted campus weather for 33 years.

UCLA and Special Olympics: A Long History

Since the start, Bruins have been key to the games.

Not Only on Campus

UCLA’s physical presence extends far beyond Westwood.

Always a Bridesmaid

Kelsey Doorey vowed to make weddings less expensive for bridal attendants.

Pauley Turns 50

The storied venue has hosted everything from championship basketball to presidential debates.