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January 2019 Issue


Bill Walton: Still Truckin'

Bill Walton: Still Truckin'

Bill Walton’s San Diego home of 39 years is a haven for Walton’s vagabond life as a basketball player, broadcaster, bicycle rider and Deadhead.



Magic Lantern Man

Erkki Huhtamo finds a light worth keeping alive in the preservation of magic lanterns.


Problem Solver

Software designer Evan Sullivan is developing apps that enable drivers to remotely control their cars.


Be Prepared

Today, retirement can last almost as long as a career, so it’s important to plan accordingly — physically, socially and financially.


A Voice for the Marginalized

Professor Gina Kim is using virtual reality to subvert Hollywood stereotypes of Asians, women and others.


Winter 2019 Happenings

A Bruin guide to the season’s best in UCLA arts and culture, sports and alumni events.


Cold Play

An all-year ice rink, the Tropical Ice Gardens, thrived in Westwood Village from 1938 to 1949 and was home to UCLA’s ice hockey team.


A Level Playing Field

Many California students don’t apply to UCLA because they assume it’s out of their reach. Project Welcome aims to inspire those as young as 13 to make this their dream school.


The Big Picture

See what 50 years of political and social moments look like in mural form.


Hearing the Past

Hearing the Past

The re-opening of the Ethnomusicology Archive offers new ways for visitors to listen. more »

A Diverse Lens

A Diverse Lens

More inclusive films are a recent trend in the film industry, but Bruins have been ahead of that curve for a long time. more »

Dreams Came True

At UCLA, Carol Burnett envisioned herself in New York but didn’t know how she would get there. The answer came from a couple of fellow Bruins.

Come Together

UCLA is now integrating three specialized schools into one course.

Roots Deep in Environmentalism

Valeree Catangay not only sparks conversation about the environment, but also creates action.

The Pink Panther Score Returns

Henry Mancini’s original score was retrieved from UCLA Library for Hollywood Bowl "symphonic" screening.

A Long Walk Home

Surgery enables young woman paralyzed in fall to walk again.

Driven Toward a Better Future

These Native American siblings stopped at nothing to graduate from UCLA and lift their community.

The Hands Behind the Iron

A new exhibition at the Fowler showcases the work of African blacksmiths.

From Dimes to Fahrenheit 451

Ray Bradbury's novel has been adapted into films, plays and video games, but it all began in the basement of Powell Library.

Ancient Art Uncovered

A new method enabled scientists to reveal precise details on an Egyptian painting.

Sea-ing Change

Thousands of citizen-scientists are helping researchers save kelp forests.

Can L.A.'s Wildlife Survive?

UCLA researchers have found genetic impacts of the 101 Freeway on several species.